Summer is the season of adventure, so get out there and do something fun! Try a concert, festival, or other local event. Personally, I plan to attend Bloomington ArtsWeek and the weekly Farmers’ Market. Of course, you will need something to wear while you are out and about, and my advice is to go for something light and airy—something you can feel a cool breeze in, if you are lucky enough to find one!

This Fashionista's got the right idea! Her blue high-waisted skirt looks like denim but is actually made from a light weight cotton. Because every shirt in your wardrobe goes well with denim, this is an ideal addition to any summer wardrobe.

Another important feature to consider when getting dressed for your adventure is your shoes. This Fashionista is sporting a pair of metallic leather sandals with jewel embellishments. This combination would be great on its own, but the cut of these sandals makes them nearly perfect. I imagine I could wear them all day and be blister free! American Eagle’s Metalic Strappy Sandals are a great buy at $29.50 and should keep your feet happy throughout the summer.

Before I go, I would also like to point out this Fashionista's hair style. By pulling back her shoulder length hair into a loose french braid, she is able to keep her hair off her back without having to go the old ponytail route!


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