Edge has the potential to be a key element in any Fashionistas/os look. By throwing on a studded leather bag you can take a tee and denim combo to a playful, daytime ensemble. Adding a little bit of edge to a simplistic look can be easy, but how do we find the right balance of “edge” when it comes to styling a whole outfit around this aesthetic?

Betsey Johnson has mastered this concept with a funky twist with her spider-infused prints, and Alexander McQueen incorporates “edge” in an editorial fashion with his reinvention of a classic silhouette and signature plaid pattern. But, as college students, most of us can’t afford these designers’ awe-inspiring duds, so how do we adjust our wardrobe to fit this much needed edge?

This week’s Fashionista has the answer in a lacey frock and patterned stockings. By pairing a feminine silhouette and probably THE girliest fabric, lace, with “look-at-me” tights, this Fashionista has the right balance of pretty and playful. Adding to her sex appeal with combat boots, a leather jacket and black Ray-Bans, this Fashionista’s edge is seen in her overall ensemble and not just in one piece. Finally, oozing rock star chic with her maroon lip, she is ready for any and every “edgy” experience that may come her way.

A bold lip and tights like these are two easy and inexpensive additions that can kick your wardrobe up a notch. House of Holland has a huge selection of patterned and suspender stalking that will transform a simple dress to a funky look. After picking your perfect pair of stockings, check out MAC cosmetics for a deep, burgundy lip.

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