After studying abroad in London over the winter break, I decided there was no way I was passing up a visit to Paris- another fashion capital of the world. While checking out the famous Louvre museum this week, a pair of tourists caught my eye. While one of the girl's look was chic and simple, it was really her friend who caught my attention.

This Fashionista wasn't covered in a dull colored coat like most of us scurrying around the city's attractions. Instead, she wore layers upon layers of neutrals over a brightly patterned blouse and denim shorts of a wash you usually only see in the summertime. To me, it was like she had somehow managed to pile on whatever was laying on top of her suitcase, except all of the pieces went together perfectly. The chunky scarf and moccasin boots offset the colors peeking out from under her parka. Finally, her chain handbag pulled it all together.

Don't be afraid to wear long sleeves under a cropped jacket. Patterned sleeves add personality to an otherwise solid jacket. Use accessories to complete the look.

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