With an unseasonably warm climate encompassing D.C., GW Fashionistas have been taking advantage of this prelude to spring by debuting current resort collections around campus. The sun is shining and bold, vibrant prints are radiating just as brightly. So throw on your most vivid, psychedelic apparel, grab your Starbucks iced latte, hit the great outdoors (of University Yard) and show off your best pre-spring fashions!

I found this color-savvy Fashionista cutting through University Yard on her way to class. I immediately noticed her flashy, kaleidoscopic ensemble. Her Diane Von Furstenberg silk blouse is perfect because its background color is a versatile matte black hue that lets the neon pink and electric blue hues hold the spotlight of the ensemble. This balance of color keeps the shirt unique-chic rather than appearing excessively variegated and migraine-inducing. There is a fine line between a statement top and a clashing mix-and-match of flashy colors. She tucked her top into a pair of trendy flared Joe’s Jeans and a neutral Madewell belt, adding a ’70s feel to the outfit. She rocked Jeffery Campbell wedges to optimize the draping of the denim and airy blouse. She accessorized the outfit with kate spade jewelry, Michael Kors purse and Chanel shades.

Want to shock your wardrobe with an electric feel? Luckily, many different designers have put their own spin on this all-encompassing trend. If you are willing to splurge and have a soft spot for fine silk, distinguished brand, Equipment Femme, is one of the forerunners of the trend and designs tunics in all bright colors and prints. For a fun, off-the-shoulder variation, both Boulee and Chelsea Flower make the tops in different styles. Emerson Thorpe also offers colorful blouses in a cold-shoulder style. If bright shades and artful draping are more up your alley, contemporary designers Parker and Rory Beca will suit your silky style. For the more price-conscious Fashionista, NASTY GAL, Topshop and J.Crew all stock airy blouses in fun dyes and patterns.

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