My favorite runway trend of the moment is neon, more specifically neon pink. I absolutely love every shade in this family; from magenta to coral, they are all delicious. There is something undeniably fun and carefree about throwing on neon pink and heading out the door. It almost feels like thumbing your nose at the color rules. Designers made rocking neon outfits look totally wearable in their spring 2012 shows with everyone from alice + olivia to Victoria Beckham, who lit up their collections with pink. I appreciate their creative genius, however, I believe neon’s true power lies in accessories.

Adding a little neon pink to your outfit is one easy way to feel more ready for the spring/summer, and trust me, there is no shortage of these items in stores. When selecting your neon pink accessories (or any trendy item for that matter), make sure to keep in mind cost and quality. You ideally want to choose an inexpensive item that will survive the entirety of summer! My two personal favorite neon accessories for this season are shoes and scarves. Both are relatively small pieces, making them easy to wear yet injecting just enough color into a tired outfit. 

This week’s Fashionista gives all of us a lesson in styling neon accessories. She keeps her clothing simple as she selects a classic spring pairing of a white V-neck and denim shorts to allow her fabulous shoes to shine. Sperry’s fun and youthful play on the boat shoe is a perfect way to buy into the neon craze because their shape is timeless and comfortable while the color keeps them on trend. Don't be afraid to play with your new neon! Whether you take a page out of this Fashionista's style book and keep your outfit basic or pair your neon pieces with other birghts, embrace it! 

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