STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Embrace Your Feminine Side

Summer is now in full swing, and I am seeing a lot of colorful floral prints and patterns in Fort Collins. My favorite types of floral prints are found on sundresses. Today's Fashionista paired a multi-colored flower print sundress with a dark green cross-body bag and a pair of cute leather sandals. This was the perfect outfit to run around outside all day doing errands or shopping while remaining cool and comfortable. The bag she is carrying was the perfect accessory to accent the green petals in her dress. In my opinion, a trendy look doesn't need to match from head to toe, but should pull in numerous colors to maintain that 'thrown together' look that is really popular right now. 

The perfect floral pattern can be displayed in many ways. When a Fashionista pairs a simple knee-length sundress with a flattering waistline, the shape will flatter any type of body. This look can also be easily transformed into a night outfit as well. By pairing your floral patterned dress with a cardigan a couple of shades darker than the darkest color on the dress, and changing those sandals out with a pair of wedges or pumps, you can completely change the vibe of your outfit from day into night.  If you're not the pumps kind of Fashionista, try pairing the dress with a pair of cute flats or fun sandals. 

One of my favorite stores for cute and inexpensive summer clothing is Forever 21. This store always has fun, trendy clothes that can be easily mixed and matched. Not to mention that their basics are usually under $10. Another really great store to find a sundress is Urban Outfitters. They usually have really cool, different types of styles that make a statement. So whether you are wearing a less dramatic floral pattern to run around during the day or a fun bold floral pattern to go out at night, this pattern can be worn in any context.

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