When we're born we're all put into our little carriers with our blankets and the first thing that the doctors find out is whether we're a girl or a boy. According to normal standards, the girls are usually wrapped in a bundle of pink while the boys are swaddled in blue. From a very young age we're instilled the thought that pink is somewhat "girly" and I think it's something us girls should truly embrace. This Fashionista hit the town in a pink coat, matched with a lacy dress and off-white shoes to match. Her pink-centric outfit reminded me of the times when I would dress up and have little tea parties with my stuffed animals, although this is a completely grown up approach to the tea-party outfit.

To recreate this style, match a light pink or pastel pink item of clothing to something more tame in color, like an off-white or even a gray tank top. The pink can be anything from a peacoat to a more casual blazer, or even the tights on your legs or shoes on your feet. To girl it up, add some lace and bows to your ensemble, like in the form of a headband or a string of pearls with a neat bow on the end. The best shoes to complete these kind of outfits are your classic Mary Janes or even a sleek pair of suede pumps will do the trick. Do something different and emphasize your femininity and be the the stylish Fashionista you were born to be.

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