Etsy is the artist’s eBay. The online emporium features an oasis of merchandise bought and sold by virtuosos from around the world. The site is overflowing with items, many of them handcrafted by the original sellers or handpicked as part of a collection of masterpieces, that are right at your fingertips.

This Fashionista completely inspired my Etsy stumble. She buys and sells on Etsy and, may I be so bold to say, the site has treated her very well. Her pine-green and caramel bag stood out like a sore thumb (in the best possible way a sore thumb can stand out). The floral-patterned fringe scarf pairs effortlessly with her oversized knit grandpa cardigan. With spring break looming around the corner, she opts for denim shorts and tights in dreams of warm weather to come. The simple cowboy boot completes this dashing, Etsy-blessed ensemble. My favorites? After looking for 15 minutes turned hour (whoops), I'm starting to believe in love at first sight because of: this tote, this dress, these shoes.

Along with the virtual megastore, Etsy also boasts a blog complete with “How-To” posts like how-to create your very own couture blouse, to local events where you can walk away with a fringe scarf made by yours truly. The blog also spotlights sellers that are immersed in the hobby of making and selling garments. This recently featured seller, Mine Kurtulmus, comments on her handmade garb: “Handmade is like giving life to an object. When you create something, it owns a piece of your soul, a piece of your feelings and taste.” Also, if you’re a vintage freak, read up on old-school saleswoman Lauren Naimola. I died when I saw her DearGoldenVintage collection.

Hint: So, if there’s any slogan that would describe Etsy, “Mi casa es su casa” would do the trick. Sellers buy, buyers sell, sellers sell more and buyers, well, buy more. It’s like Christmas, just all year round.

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