STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Everyday Earwarmers

To my fellow east coasters struggling to fight the winter chills, look no further than the chunky knit earwarmer to keep warm and stand out in style. This season, your ears shouldn’t suffer from the cold and neither should your outfit. The earwarmer is a cold weather must-have – it keeps your ears cozy and your style chic. Look no further than the snuggly earwarmer to stay warm and protected this season. This cute winter accessory makes a fashion statement by matching (or mismatching) with your coat or gloves.

Earwarmers are this season’s new spin on the slouchy beanie. But unlike winter hats, this accessory will keep you warm without hat hair. In comparison to earmuffs, knit earwarmers are more stylish than silly-looking. They can be topped with design and detail, and slide over your head like a headband, covering your ears perfectly. Celebrity style mavens like Whitney Port and Britney Spears have been seen keeping their ears warm with knit earwarmers.

This Fashionista turns heads in her eye-catching ear wear. Her wool accessory is vibrantly colored with a detailed pattern; it is cute and cozy and looks perfect paired with tights. As seen by her outfit, the earwarmer is a great complement to a practical winter downjacket and endures warmth just the same. Her everyday winter outfit also includes a stylish crossbody bag that you can dress up or dress down with ease. The weaved topstitching and color of her bag is perfect for on-the-go and will suit a variety of looks. This Fashionista slings this bag over her shoulder for added attitude, and chose to tough up her look with a pair of lace-up combat boots. These chunky boots add some edge to her ensemble, and grunge up the girly print dress and knit tights.

Winter doesn't stand a chance against the earwarmer, like this knit turban headband available from Etsy. This accessory is sure to keep the chill out, and will keep you warm as well as looking gorgeous.

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