Now that the spring semester is in full swing, schoolwork is starting to pile up – meaning, for most students, fashion has become a low priority. Of course, school should be every student’s main concern, but that doesn’t mean fashion must be ignored completely. Dressing smart will give you confidence and put you in the mood to be productive. With a little planning, you can cross everything off your to-do list and look fashionable doing it.

In a sea of NIU sweatpants and North Face jackets, this Fashionista stood out in her polished, black ensemble. With her black wool coat and riding boots, this Fashionista is proof an elegant look can be an everyday occurrence. Instead of a backpack or messenger bag, she wore a patent leather satchel. The gold hardware echoes the gold buckles on her coat. She wore black leggings, which are much more stylish than sweatpants but just as comfortable. The secret to the elegant mood of her outfit is the limited color palette of black with gold and gray accents.

Grabbing whatever is convenient is tempting, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead. A few go to pieces like a classic coat, a satchel, and riding boots make putting together an outfit easy. Choose neutral colored items that all work well together and pair nicely with other items in your wardrobe. Pick out a sweater, leggings or jeans, and a scarf and you’ll be ready to tackle your schoolwork in style.

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