Many people have the misconception that flats are plain and boring but flat-heeled shoes have stepped up their game for this spring with exciting new styles and patterns. Embellished ballet flats, bejeweled gladiator sandals, platform flats and cutout oxford flats, just like these Fashionista’s shoes, have become the perfect alternative for high heels this spring. This playful trend will keep your feet feeling lighter and more comfortable without sacrificing the fashion.

Flats are very versatile. They are perfect for every-day casual wear because they add elegance to a simple pair of jeans but also portray enough formal sophistication for an interview. Since flats are simpler than other shoes don’t be afraid to try out flats that are over the top. Go for flats that have bright colors and patterns with big bows on the toe of the shoe. The more outrageous the shoes are the better. If you would rather go for shoes that compliment the outfit rather than being the focal point, wear flats just like today's Fashionista. These neutral toned, simple and modern-looking oxfords are still visually appealing because of the cutouts in the side of the shoe but offer the perfect balance with her casual outfit.

For those Fashionistas who can’t bear to give up any height, try out platform flats. These shoes, which just recently have been spotted all over runways for this spring, are a new twist of flats and high heels. They give girls the best of both words with height and comfort.

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