While walking the Highline Park, I spotted this season chameleon. Reclining on a wooden chaise, she embodied edgy grace. Her Forever 21 shorts are the essential factor in the success of her outfit: shorts are a summer staple, while suede is an autumn must. The coupling of the two deems them a perfect item for these first fall weeks.

Her outfit is mature and business ready, but also gives her a whimsical twist. Donning opaque grey tights beneath her suede shorts, she anticipates fall’s foliage and abandons summer’s warmth. Her footwear, a pair of oxford-style loafers by Steve Madden, is appropriate for both a weekend stroll and the office. The androgynous loafers are professional, yet playful too! They remind one of both a young schoolboy or a Wall Street maven. 

The diverse textures in this outfit –– leather, suede, cotton –– each lend a complexity to the ensemble that her neutral palette does not. Her Zara snake-skin patterned scarf  illusively creates a certain level of depth and luxuriousness: the print suggests real snake skin, yet is cotton. This singular piece is the busiest accent to her outfit: it is bold but not obnoxious.

This refined look is serious but allows for some playfulness. This Fashionista proves it possible to appear both business ready and unique. The small nuances of her outfit inject her own personal style into an otherwise uniform look.


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