STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fairfield’s Basics

The idea of a basic is typically something neutral, something that anyone can wear and it will always look good. To me, what constitutes a basic is heavily influenced by your surroundings. Here at Fairfield there are few basics that can be found in most, if not every, Fairfield Fashionisto’s closet.

Once the weather starts to turn you can’t walk two feet without seeing someone in something Patagonia. The fleece vest is a great investment for this time of year when the days are barely warm enough to go without a full on coat. I myself just recently purchased a new vest similar to this Fashionisto’s and I live in it. Opting for a vest is a great choice because while it keeps you warm there is still some room to breathe. What I like about men's Patagonia fleeces is the different colored breast pockets. Like this Fashionisto’s the breast pocket adds a pop of color on the neutral vest. Another Patagonia must-have is the pull-over, which comes in a variety of colors as well.

The flannel button-down is probably the most worn thing at Fairfield in the fall — there is nothing better. Whether the colors are bright, like this Fashionisto’s, or more traditional colors, you really can’t go wrong. This Fashionisto leaves the top few buttons undone and with his relaxed fit cords he instantly gives this look a more casual feel.

Lastly, every Fashionisto needs a pair of cords for the fall season. I particularly love that this Fashionisto is donning the basic pair of brown cords, what I would consider to be the alternative fall khaki pant. I love the basic brown cord because it is a great option to build an entire outfit of color on, like this Fashionisto has done. The great thing about cords is that like denim they come in a wide range of fits. So whether you are a skinny fit kind of guy or if you are into a more relaxed fit you shouldn’t have a problem finding a pair you really love. The best part of fall cords are the colors. Purchasing a pair of cords is a great way to dive into the color jean pool without making too big of a splash. From colors such as dark greens and deep wine colors, there are a wide variety of colors out there.

Achieving this Fashionisto’s look is easy. J.Crew and Urban Outfitters have a great variety of flannel button-downs. As mentioned above, Patagonia vests and pull-overs are great additions to any fall wardrobe. Lastly, J.Crew offers the perfect fall cords in a few different styles here.

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