It's mid-October and fall has finally set in. This means it's time to focus on accentuating your legs, rather than your shoulders or midriff. This Fashionista does just that and looks like a walking Urban Outfitters model, with her head-to-toe put together fashionable fall style. She pairs the perfect trends with one another, creating a look that works well for casual campus strolling or class.

This Fashionista is wearing a white high-collar shirt with high-waisted olive trouser shorts. She pairs black opaque tights under her shorts with nude asymmetrical flats; adding a unique shape to the ordinary ballet slipper. To complete her look she adds a few accessories like her chestnut braided belt, an over the shoulder saddle bag and a pair of faded Wayfarer sunglasses. Overall this Fashionista has got the right idea about what a trendy fall outfit should look like.

My advice to spruce up any plain outfit, try adding a pair of earth-toned or black tights to your look. This will help you move past the “summery-bare-legs” look into a more appropriate and chic look for the season. Another way to adjust your style to the season is to remember to pair neutrals and earth-tones together, in order to create an accomplished look.

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