STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fall for Autumn Colors

One of my favorite things about fall and fall fashion is the colors.  As the leaves begin to turn, our ensembles, slowly but surely, begin to change, as well.  We fold up our corals, yellows, and teals, and give them a rest until spring.  We swap these brighter colors for more muted tones, like army green, mustard yellow, maroon, and navy blue to complement the cooler weather.  We put away our sandals and tank tops, and swap them for scarves, tights, and closed toed shoes to keep us warm through the breezy fall weather.

I was strolling downtown on my way to work last week, when I spotted this Fashionista, flaunting her favorite fall colors that complemented one another perfectly.  She paired a navy blue printed blouse with gold buttons with a burnt orange mini skirt.  To keep cozy on this sunny, but breezy fall afternoon, she added a pair of gray textured tights with a pair of simple black slip-ons.

If you are one who embraces all colors the fall season has to offer, and adore the look put together by this Fashionista, here are a few great items for you to try.  Pair this gray printed top with a plum colored mini skirt.  Add a pair of black textured tights underneath, and slip on your favorite pair of boots or oxfords.  This season, fall for autumn colors.  Summer has ceased, and the leaves are changing; don't be afraid to let your ensembles follow suit.

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