When the weather turns chilly, scarves are certainly a great option to add some color, fun, style and versatility to an otherwise dull outfit. Scarves serve as a perfect choice in order to incorporate some spunk, edge and a pop of color into an outfit fit for the chilliest seasons of the year. Read on for some of my favorite fall scarves, which are sure to make any old school weekday a bit brighter.

For some added warmth on a chilly morning, turn to a heavier wool scarf that will keep you comfy and cozy on the walk across campus. Versatile and chunky, this round scarf will look great underneath a fall jacket and with the addition of warm leggings and cute boots, you'll create a perfect fall look. Another scarf that I frequently turn to in the fall months is the cashmere scarf. Once I put this scarf on, I find myself having a hard time taking it off because it's so warm and soft—another perfect go-to in fall and winter months. Lastly, patterned scarves are a great choice to liven up any day. I love anything floral, paisley, plaid or eye-catching, something that people have to stop and notice. Scarves add the perfect touch to any fall outfit that needs some brightening up.

So why not try out a scarf this week? Sweet, stylish and fun, turn to the perfect fall accessory to spice up any school day.

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