Despite the unforgiving hot weather Southern California has been burdened with as of late, it is absolutely impossible to wait to bust out the fall trends we’ve been dreaming of for months. With the fierce and unrivaled determination that only true Fashionistas carry, we’re taking them on. Who cares about the sweat dripping down our foreheads and the confused stares at our out-of-season fashion choices, right? Shearling lined leather coats, thickly woven scarves, and chic caplets are calling our names. It would just be plain rude to ignore them.

Needless to say, this Fashionista perfected the mix of warm and cold fashion by rocking some of fall’s hottest trends (military pants and oxford shoes) and topping them off with bright colors synonymous with warm weather. If you have been eagerly anticipating the transition into the coming season like me, let's agree to savor these last few days of summer weather and dress to impress in real Fashionista style.

Copycatting this Fashionista’s outfit and making it your own will be an effortless task seeing as military-inspired pieces have been dominating the runways for quite a while. Her pants, the highlight of her ensemble, showcase a lovely and unique merging of the army green cargo and embellished jean. Go green with your choice of some skinnies or a baggier fit, or stick with a detailed motorcycle jean. Now, revert back to your warm-weather wardrobe and find the brightest top you can. Magenta bows, sheer pink, and turquoise florals have me rethinking my stance on wishing away the summer heat. Next, find some great statement jewelry like a beaded necklace, some chandelier earrings, or a trendy bangle. Finally you’re ready to put your best foot forward with another one of fall’s greatest trends: the oxford shoe. Try a flashy silver pair or a more subdued creamy lilac color and you’ve got this Fashionista’s look down pat.

So, though the weather gods may be a bit confused, we’ve got some scorching weather and we’ve got to deal. Taking cues from this Fashionista though, we can still find ways to wear fall in the summer!

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