STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fantastic Fashion Transitions

November has always been, in my experience, the time of transition from fall to winter. Because this is a time of change in season, it is also a changing instance in fashion. Many women often find themselves in a bind over what to wear during this transitional period. Does one go for more of a winter look or a fall look? Would it be a faux pas to continue dressing for the fall even though it is coming to an end? My answer is simple: go for an outfit somewhere in the middle. I believe that it is more than acceptable to dress with elements of fall fashion in the month of November. However, I do think that it is also a great thing to begin adding some winter touches to your outfits. 

This Fashionista is perfect at channeling both the winter and fall seasons in her outfit. Her dark, patterned dress is ideal for the winter. A patterned dress is great during any season; the teal and navy color of the pattern is what really makes it wintery. Additionally, her brown boots are lovely with the dress. Anything brown is epitome of fall. Boots can be worn throughout the fall and winter seasons; usually, brown boots for the fall and black boots for the winter. Lastly, this adorable Fashionista accessorizes her look with a very simple and classic gold necklace.

I really enjoy how this Fashionista combined her fall and her winter clothes. The patterned dress is fabulous with the teal and navy coloring. If you're unsure of any patterned dresses you’ve got in your closet, try going for a solid colored dress in a winter color. When it comes to shoes, I am a strong supporter of a great quality boot. Though they are often an investment, a well-made boot can last you years. If you don’t have a brown boot, try going for a black boot—they’re great for the fall and winter. When it comes to accessorizing this look, you can try a simple necklace, like this Fashionista, or you can go for a fun scarf to spice up your look. I love fall fashion and have always had somewhat of a rough time transitioning into the winter months. After seeing this Fashionista, it has become evident to me how to transition in a gradual, and of course, fabulous way!

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