STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fashion Back into Fall

You know you live in the Midwest when the weather turns from 80 degrees and sunny to a severe thunderstorm to 40-some degrees with icy winds within a twenty four hour period. Oh I know, there has been enough talk about the weather lately; it seems everybody in the area is obsessed with it. But what I find so interesting is the way it affects how people dress. One day I'll see an acquaintance in a floral sundress with embellished gladiators while the next day she'll sport tweed shorts, tights, and lace-up booties. 

This Fashionista's ensemble caught my eye as I exited the bus near Pappajohn Business Building. Her look was bold, but the deepened palette didn't scream for attention. The color combination immediately reminded me of John Galliano's final collection for Christian Dior with its plums and eccentric blues. 

While I don't encourage you to rewind back to the winter blues when Mother Nature throws us an April curveball, feel free to experience some fall fashion nostalgia. An emerald green jacket like today's Fashionista is wearing looks perfect against dark denim. Urban Outfitters has a variety of leg wear – whether it be patterned tights or some funky socks to wear with J. Crew heels.

Fashion these days is all about breaking the rules. Most of us no longer follow the holy rule of no white after Labor Day – so why succumb to other nonsense? Just because it's technically spring doesn't mean you have to wait to show off your latest winter clearance bargains – especially the way the Mother Nature is treating us here in Iowa lately. 

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