Remember skorts? I used to think I was the coolest kid on the playground when I would climb on the jungle gym in my skort because I could hang with the boys while still looking super cute in my faux skirt. Clearly, I was a Fashionista from a very young age.

This season, we have seen the advent of the super, super wide leg pants that mimic the feel of a maxi skirt. This Fashionista had me fooled when I initially eyed her maxi skirt while out grabbing brunch with friends. She was quick to inform they were pants. I instantly loved them even more. When wearing these ultra trendy pants, its important to keep the rest of your look equally tailored and chic. This Fashionista opted for a simple knit top and layers of metallic bangles to keep this pants from looking sloppy. 

Skants! Paxi! Whatever you call them, they are incredibly chic and functional. This week, try being extra cool by opting for these modern day culottes and have your friends fooled. 

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