STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Faux Fashionable Dressing

To me, wearing fur is symbolous of Old Hollywood and usually stands for glamour and of course, wealth. The topic of wearing fur can be quite controversial and while everybody is entitled to their own opinions I am 100% on board with wearing faux fur instead. One of the best things about wearing faux fur instead of real is that you know zero animals were been harmed in the making of what you are wearing and it's even cheaper to buy faux. Over here in NYC designers are seeing the true colors of the fur trade and are speaking out by eliminating these pieces from their collections.

Today's Fashionista opted to wear an oversized faux fur brown vest to give off that Old Hollywood vibe and to avoid controversial issues of real fur. 

Imitating this look cheaply is beyond easy. Our favorite stores such as ASOS and Urban Outfitters carry faux fur that will pleasantly meet your holiday budget. And if you're really looking to imitate the looks of Hollywood (new not old) check out Google's new to see what celebrities favorite faux fur picks are this season. 

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