Now that the weather is getting even colder in Chicago, it is hard to choose your more fashionable coat over your oversized warm jacket when it is twenty degrees outside. On my way to class, I see students choosing practicality over style regularly because of the climate. This Fashionista wore a coat that had both comfort and style. Her faux fur and unique ensemble is what made me chase her down for a closer look.

By wearing a faux fur coat instead of a typical winter down jacket, this Fashionista is both stylish and warm. It is wise to invest in a great faux fur item, especially a coat, because it will never go out of style. Faux fur is a timeless trend because of its ability to be warm, practical and fashion-forward all at the same time. This trend is even seen in the women’s Gucci fall/winter 2011/2012 collection. It is easy to find faux fur coats similar to this Fashionista’s at stores like Zara and ASOS. You might even want to buy a faux fur vest. They are perfect for layering during the winter.

To pull off this look, take tips from this Fashionista and pair your faux fur with leggings and boots. Her leggings balance out the puffiness of the coat and give her more of a chic look. Then, wear some laced up boots for a more casual outfit. Next time you are heading outside, choose faux fur and you will stay warm (and stylish) for sure!


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