Adding instant glamour to your outfit, this winter faux fur is not a faux pas. Quite the contrary, in fact. Spotted on the runway of Zac Posen and on the shelves of H&M and Miss Selfridge, the feathery fur gilet seems to be the leader of the fabulously fashionable pack. Have faith, this '70s-inspired winter warmer shall get us students through the cold, while looking divine! Finished lectures for the day, this Fashionista is dressed to impress and off to do some Christmas shopping.

This luxurious fur gilet is ultra cute and cosy with a navy shade running through its feathery texture. The injection of colour and pattern creates a sleek and expensive look, with the luxurious material instantly lifts her outfit, and can be found in H&M. A leather belt is attached to accentuate her waist and create a voluptuous silhouette.

If on the prowl for a faux fur, most high street hot spots will stock a shaggy outer-layer. If you look hard enough, you may even stumble across something vintage. This can be worn with most and some sleeves in any colour will do. Photographed here with a plain charcoal top, this week’s Fashionista has dressed to impress and leaves the detail to her feathered friend and funky leggings!

Paired with the basics, her grey top complements her patterned pins — Navajo meets Christmas knit, some might say. Her gorgeous gilet has been matched up with her printed legs; the tribal texture is truly a trend contender this season and although this week’s Fashionista has fallen for greys and blues, brighter leggings are very much allowed. Go wild and favour too the Fair Isle as it is tradition and goes so well with Christmas. Visit Urban Outfitters for inspiration (as they have a whole section dedicated to this fashion frenzy!) Also keeping her cosy are her winter woolie wrist warmers for when Scottish snow is upon us!

Finally, an Edinburgh student essential, her grey UGGs are an easy option to get you to and from your classes! Comfort is very much desired and keeping your twinkle toes away from the winter chill, splurge on a pair; it cannot be argued, they’ll last.



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