STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Feel Relaxed in Style

There are always those “lazy days” where you just feel like wearing lounge pants all day. Well, fight the urge to do so! Instead of wearing sweatpants in public (one of my biggest pet peeves), opt for something both comfortable and fashionable. This Fashionista on the go was wearing black leggings, a denim shirt, orange Vans and a green khaki handbag. What I liked about her outfit was that she still remained comfortable and somewhat sporty with a fashionable edge. Leggings are a great, comfortable option because they are easy to dress up or down. The denim shirt has been a popular trend this season, and paired with leggings makes it a fashion-forward outfit.

Besides leggings, there are many other comfortable, stylish alternatives. For example, harem pants have a relaxed fit and lots of room for movement. They are such an easy way to be both trendy and cozy. You can also wear harem pants in many different ways, so they are a versatile item to have. It is easy to dress harem pants up by wearing them with a top, blazer and a pair of heels. For more of a casual look, wear them with a T-shirt, flats and top your look off with some accessories.

Believe it or not, designers do make comfortable athletic wear. If you are a fan of hoodies, the Rib Neck Hoodie by Alexander Wang is a great option. For gym shoes, I recommend sneakers from the Converse x Missoni collection — they are so chic! Instead of wearing sweatpants and/or any old hoodie on your next “lazy day,” think outside of the box and feel relaxed in style.

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