STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Feelin’ Plaid Flannel

Plaid is easy to love…especially when it’s flannel. Flannel, made of carded wool for all my textile majors out there, is an especially inviting fabric that traps in warmth through its soft make up. With its cozy, classic nature, this plaid flannel pattern is positively perfect for fall and winter wear. Whether it’s threaded into a Vineyard Vines button-down worn by a Fashionisto or stitched into a skater skirt donned by a fierce Fashionista, this timeless print can be found on college students all over the world.

The plaid that I spotted on this handsome peer of mine is a continuous favorite. Red, white and blue are three colors that seem practically made for this print. While to some it may seem naive to only stock these patriotic hues, the good thing about this color palette is that it can be worn with a variety of looks. Whether it’s with navy Polo pants and boat shoes like he’s rocking in this picture, or faded skinny jeans for the ladies, nationalistic colors are a “neutral” that can be coupled with multiple looks. Think this design is created only in American colors? Think again. Plaid can be found in a variety of hues with twists of orange stripes, like this American Eagle Outfitters top, and splashes of emerald green; all ideal for the warmth of flannel.

One of my favorite ways to wear this style is to play up the “all American” façade. Large, oversized glasses are a perfect accessory for men or women. Not only do they look adorable with a button-down and leopard loafers, but slip on your flannel, throw your wavy locks up into a messy bun and these glasses will be the finishing touch.

So next time you want a warm piece to pull on for class, try something made up of plaid flannel. This pattern will surely keep you pleasant, impressive and patriotic.

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