Will Smith was not lying when he claimed the city of Miami to be “the city where the heat is on.” With humidity at record-breaking highs and temperatures slowly creeping toward 100 degrees, being outside can turn into a sticky situation. I have the solution to this dewy dilemma: WHITE! Although wearing white year round is fashionably acceptable in Miami, for those of you following Fashion’s seasonable trends, it has finally passed Memorial Weekend! White, similar to black, can be paired with all colors and patterns. The sleekness of the blank canvas leads the mind to creativity; depending on the occasion, there’s room for bright and funky shoes, or nude shoes to bring out your inner Greek goddess glamour. I dare you to pair white bottoms with a rugged black boot–give off that "bad girl" feel that artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga have sported. Summer always brings the nautical trend, and what better way to fit in with boyish sailors than with one of their cardinal colors?! Regardless of what you pair with white, make sure you buy the right fit. Unfortunately white is not flattering on all body types, but don’t let that shy you away from trying a pair of white pants on! I suggest taking green to the next level and trade in a pair of jeans for a pair of white pants. Like this Fashionista, make sure your pants are fitted enough that they don’t sag, but loose enough to still hug your favorite parts. Wearing a white skinny jean will be your best bet on stretching your dollar — you'll able to wear them to a club or a brunch on the beach, and this pair of pants will become your favorite fashion find this summer.

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