This week I set my sights on this trendy Fashionisto rocking a  Aztec print hoodie. His outfit was everything that I love about a look, it was unique, comfortable, colorful and fun as well!

This Fashionisto combined a simplistic style and a ‘wow’ factor into one cohesive look. The ‘wow’ factor I’m referring to is his Aztec-Navajo printed sweatshirt. Many guys will fall into the habit of wearing their favorite sport team sweatshirt, so I liked the fact that this Fashionisto strayed away from the typical mold. There are currently numerous patterns and print designs being shown on sweatshirts and sweaters out there! I strongly encourage any guy, or girls, to stray away from the typical, boring hoodie and try wearing something that will stand out. That way, when its 8:00 AM and you are heading to class in the most comfortable thing you could throw on, you can still look fashionable.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other items and patterns besides sweatshirts that have prints that you can experiment with. Scarves, hats, t-shirts, gloves and button down shirts are also a great way to try something different in a bold pattern.

When it came to the rest of this Fashionisto’s ensemble, he made sure to keep it simple so that his sweatshirt would really stand out. His Jack Purcell tennis shoes go with just about anything and can be worn in the fall, summer and even into spring. Then, there are his well-tailored jeans; owning a nice and flattering fit pair of jeans is essential for every guy’s wardrobe. There is no shame in spending a little more than you should on a good pair of jeans. Jeans are durable and can be worn over and over again. Also, do not be afraid to ask a sales associate for help if you are not sure of exactly what style works for you. A great pair of jeans in crucial to developing a stylisly savvy wardrobe.

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