Lately, Fashionistas are turning their cheeks at feminine wear, and nodding at menswear. The days are here where you can stop raiding your boyfriend’s closet and finally buy those masculine pieces designed especially for women. This Fashionista portrays the perfect example of mixing numerous men-inspired classics and incorporating them into a stylish, womanlike ensemble.

To display a polished, sophisticated button-up like this Fashionista, put on a light, breezy shirt, paired with a sharp, black blazer, and you’ll become a style muse for your girlfriends. But hey, who says that Fashionistos can’t take a women’s wardrobe as inspiration for their own? For a similar look, try a denim button-up from Madewell for the ultimate merge of masculine and feminine. Wear this shirt with a pair of black leggings and boots, and you’ll be sure to nail the at-ease, casualness feel of menswear.

Maybe a patterned button-up is more your style? A satin, snake print shirt is just the item to try on to dress up or dress down your outfit while still being creative and edgy.

Throughout the runways, designers are acclaiming that menswear classics should be taking priority in your closet. The androgynous tone of the button-up is such a cool, easy trend, it is no doubt this look will never go out of style. Michael Kors’ Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection shows that a woven is the perfect shirt. In addition, Alexander Wang illustrated the button-up in his spring show. One of his outfits consisted of a sheer, silver shirt.

The button-up truly exemplifies menswear and a go-to, office-approach look. So next time when you want a savvy investment piece for your wardrobe, you can stop stealing your boyfriend’s clothes, and count on a button-up woven for a sleek, fashionable, masculine shirt.

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