Fall semester is around the corner and every Fashionista needs a fierce fresh look on their first day. Nothing says fierce like leopard. The leopard trend will never die so don’t be afraid to splurge a little on a leopard accessory. Leopard is bold print so sport the printed piece with basics. This Fashionista was casual chic in a two toned/bi-material knit with jeans and a leopard belt. The two toned/bi-material knit was soft and girly. When paired with a leopard belt it gave the whole look a fierce touch.

I’m sure all you Fashionistas have been flipping through your September issues. You will probably see lots of military paired with leopard. So whip out your military jacket from last spring and throw a leopard belt around it. To try new military with leopard, grab a pair of military cargo pants with a leopard belt or leopard wedges. Follow my command Fashionistas and look fierce in new military and a leopard piece.

Hint: New military with leopard piece

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