With finals rolling around, who says you can’t look nice at the same time? Finals don’t mean putting on your sweats and calling it a day. You can look stylish while being comfortable too.

One easy way to keep your outfit quick and accessible is to throw on a fun printed skirt with a plain tee. Neutral colors like white, gray and black match and are easy to match with everything. Choosing a color for your outfit will be one less thing to worry about when the morning of your final comes. Like I've mentioned in my earlier posts, don't be afraid to go for a black and white outfit—you can't go wrong. Fall tends to be too cold for just a skirt, so grab your warmest pair of tights, which are a much better choice than those sweats I know you were so tempted to put on. 

Today’s Fashionista sports a houndstooth-patterned skirt with her plain gray tee. Despite the weather and the fact that winter break is just around the corner, this Fashionista donned a smile that only made her outfit that much cuter. She wore her wool peacoat over her ensemble with a chunky green scarf and her studded ankle booties. I have been obsessing over ankle boots this season, which I believe are a staple for any Fashionista’s wardrobe. You can grab these exact pair here! The small gold studding brings the neutral colored boot to the next level. In addition to combating the wind she wore a knit headwrap, which makes for a great accessory as well as keeping your hair in place. The wind and hair never really did go together. The best way to add to an all neutral outfit is to play around with the accessories. From head to toe, accessories can be the missing pieces that bring an outfit together. Her chunky, green scarf adds that pop of color while her headwrap balances the heaviness of the layers.  

Don't let finals bring your spirit down. Put on your cutest outfit and there won't be anything you can't do, including acing your finals.  

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