We all think of the '70s as a time of bohemian tops, platform shoes and of course bell bottom jeans. But while halter-tops and granny dresses will (hopefully) never make an appearance on another runway, the flared jeans trend (formerly known as bell bottoms) has yet to fade away. Moving on from the skinny trend that has been a staple in women’s closets for a few decades, flare jeans are most definitely making a comeback and this time with an elegant and sophisticated twist.

These '70s inspired jeans have recently been spotted on many celebrities. From Victoria Beckham to Vanessa Hudgens, and Jessica Alba to Rachel Zoe, this retro chic trend is one that can be customized to fit any Fashionista’s style! There are many different fits for flare jeans including high-wasted, flat fronted, and even boot cut for a traditional look.

This Fashionista was spotted wearing dark wash flare jeans paired with a simple black elbow patch sweater from Forever 21. She kept her jewelry and accessories at a minimum while sticking with a cute pair of black and silver flats. Her flare jeans make the outfit way stylish without looking like she’s trying too hard. Her hair was pulled back into a loose messy bun while her cat eye makeup added some spunk to her look.

Buying a pair of flare’s can be a bit intimidating at first, but if you stick to the right rules anyone can rock this vintage trend. First off, make sure you find the right fit. A lot of women shy away from the trend for this exact reason, fearing a flare cut will extenuate their muscular thighs and wider hips. But, paying attention to your body type and getting them hemmed if necessary, flare jeans can work with many different shapes and sizes! If you’re looking to hide your love handles, a high-wasted pair might be a good pick while low rise is a better choice when looking to show off a tucked in top as seen on Polyvore. If this if your first time trying out this hippie trend, stick to a wide leg or boot cut pair for a less dramatic look try a darker wash to keep from looking too old school.

Flares can be paired with a blazer for the office, a fitted sweater for an afternoon lunch date or a feminine blouse and leather jacket for a night on the town. For a more casual chic look you can also pair flare jeans with a Cheap Monday boyfriend tee. Flare jeans look super polished with flats or sandals as seen on this Fashionista, but can also be dressed up with a pair of pumps, wedges or boots!

While some women believe this trend should only be seen in a time of polyester and disco, many Fashionistas on campuses around the country have rocked this fun trend while stay stylish and sophisticated.

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