I will gladly admit that I have a serious shoe addiction. Lately it seems my wardrobe consists of a white T-shirt, black trousers and a platform from my growing shoe collection. My ever-fabulous Alexander Wang oxfords and trusty TOMS shoes have been stored away for the day when I realize walking in heels around town isn't realistic.

Today's Fashionista knows the best way to be effective when in a rush (as she was) is to wear a comfortable shoe. You don't have to surrender to wearing gym shoes to be quick on your feet. This Fashionista opted for a Chanel-inspired shoe in a classic white and black. The quilted material of her ballet flats gave it a bit dressier of a vibe then a regular leather option. This Fashionista's feminine, proper shoe seemed to sing perfectly with her shy personality.

Although running in heels can be fun at times and super glamorous, give your feet a break this week and kick back in flats. 

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