Just like every summer season, floral prints are popping up everywhere. There are floral printed cut-offs, floral swimsuits, and floral Doc Martens. The prints range just as much as real life flowers do — they are graphic and understated, bright and pastel, the range is endless. There are some guidelines to pulling off a floral print though. Ever since one of the most influential people in the fashion industry declared, “Florals are for middle-aged women with weight problems,” I have not been able to see the trend in the same light. But Karl is right! Often times a sad floral outfit can read more mother-of-the-bride than Fashionista. But like most trends, there are guidelines you can follow to avoid this unfortunate fate.

Take a cue from this Fashionista. I spotted her from across the street and she balances her floral shift with tougher accessories. First she throws on a denim shirt for a more laid-back feel that lets the floral print show in a more understated way. Her accessories are the real stars of the show though. She adds some awesome two-tone lace-up rugged boots, some eccentric jewelry, and tops it all off with a floppy hat. Her purple glasses and red lip cleverly pick up the colors of her dress. The result is a cool, bohemian vibe with a tough edge. Perfect for any day filled with classes or even a music festival.

Want a similar look? Try grounding your floral dress with a tough biker jacket or a military inspired parka. Instead of boots, try some menswear inspired oxfords to keep the floral dress equally grounded. Follow this Fashionista’s way, and you will look like anything but “a middle-aged woman with weight problems.”

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