Putting together an outfit can be stressful. Putting together an outfit when you need to impress a special someone can be especially stressful. Don’t freak out though! Picking out the perfect ensemble for a date can be exciting!

My advice when dressing up for a date is to embrace your girly side. Go for light hues like pink, white cream, etc. This Fashionista’s light pink/purple floral patterned top is not only an awesome combination of colors, but is super trendy. This summer one of the hottest trends used by designers like Betsy Johnson, Marc Jacobs, and Versace was patterns. This Fashionista is a perfect example of how to wear a patterned shirt right. The floral pattern is very pretty and delicate, which I think is appropriate for a date. I also love how she paired this top with white jeans. The color of the shirt really pops against the white, and with blue jean denim you wouldn’t get the same affect. This Fashionista topped off the outfit with a pair of nude pumps. This neutral color is ideal for summer, and the best part about them is they’ll match with anything! Talk about a versatile shoe. If floral patterns and light hues aren’t for you no biggie! Just remember going on a date should be fun so let your outfit be fun and flirty too!

Hint: Creating a similar outfit is not hard at all! For floral tops try As for white jeans this Fashionista was sporting J-Brand. For something more affordable try

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