Flowers: the ultimate symbol of spring and summer, a way to brighten up your home and your wardrobe! Floral prints are all over the place; whether it’s on blouses, scarves, or even shoes, it’s hard not to notice the plethora of flowers all around. Floral prints are a great way to spruce up a wardrobe, and add a little life to your everyday life. Though floral prints may seem like a summertime fling, do not fret! Floral prints can be incorporated into the upcoming season’s outfits as well. Luckily for us Angelenos, we are blessed with a bit of an Indian summer, where summer weather is apparent in the early fall months.

This week’s Fashionista sports a bold, strapless, floral jumper. She belts it with a wide brown belt, to add more of a body to her jumper. Next, she pairs it with large hoop-like earrings, a pair of heels and a fedora hat. To complete her fabulous outfit, she wears a big, turquoise bangle to add even more color to her ensemble. She is bright, and bold, and is able to capture one’s eyes immediately. Her jumper is light and roomy – a perfect piece for a hot day in Los Angeles!

Looking for some flower power in your life? Try this blouse, with a simple, no-closure cardigan to create a casual, yet chic outfit for fall. Pair it with some skinny jeans and a great pair of wedges, and you’re set to jet. Want more of a summertime outfit? Try this dress. It’s feminine, light, and the button detail is intricate and different. Pair it with a great pair of booties, and a unique bracelet.

Floral prints are here to stay. Whether if it’s in a wardrobe or in a home, flower power is nothing to mess with. It’s an easy way to add a bit of hippie chic into an every day outfit. So even if you’re not living through an Indian summer, embrace the flower power! It’s never too cold to have a little springtime in your ensemble.

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