Now that Central Florida is finally dipping below 60 degrees, Fashionistas are beginning to break out their winter attire. The problem with Florida is that when you wake up to get dressed, layers are what you go for, but by afternoon the sun is shinning and it feels like any ordinary summer day. That’s why knowing what to wear in Florida’s winter is key. This Fashionista knows that you can still get the winter look without being too bundled.

She started by pairing black high-waisted shorts, embellished with buttons, with a pair of tights. Now, tights are a must-have this winter in Florida. Under a skirt, shorts or even a dress, they quickly transform that summer look into a winter-inspired look. I also love tights because they give the illusion that you're fully covered, but they’re not too heavy. This Fashionista paired these black shorts with a brown sheer blouse, another must-have this winter. To complete this ensemble, she added a white scarf, which is essential for those cold hours but can also be taken off if it gets hot. Her tweed boots are paired with socks that extend over the boots, which you will be seeing everywhere this season with heels, booties and boots.

Lastly, her jewelry is kept at a minimum, letting her outfit do the talking. She is wearing white chandelier earrings that match perfectly with her outfit but are not too much. Her sunglasses complete this winter chic look with a bang. You’ve got to be prepared for the UV rays in Florida; sunglasses are a must-buy! Overall, her ensemble screams winter in Florida, not too heavy yet still trendy. Each piece can stand on its own, but together the pieces make the perfect outfit!

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