If you’re anything like me, you have at least two different wardrobes: your warm weather wardrobe and your cold weather wardrobe. The two often mix awkwardly in your closet during those months of transition from sundresses and short shorts to leather jackets and sweaters. Tank tops make their way to the bottom of your drawers and sandals get pushed into the corners of your closet. But just because shorts bring back memories of summer bike rides and barbecues, does not mean that they can’t be worn in cold weather. Introducing: thigh-high socks, my all time savior during Boston’s eternal winter.

I spotted this Fashionista during her lunch break on Newbury Street. While temperatures have dropped severely in the past couple of days in Boston, she was not afraid to transition her summer shorts into fall with these amazing thigh high socks. First off, we know how I feel about maroon and secondly, I love discovering new ways to pull off wearing summer clothes when it starts getting chilly outside. With shorts, sweater and bag by the same brand, this Fashionista is decked out in Fred Perry. The British brand opened a store on Newbury Street this summer and it has changed my life. From detailed knit sweaters, like the one this Fashionista is wearing, to androgynous polos with a flirty edge like this Floral Print Shirt, Fred Perry clothes effortlessly combine comfort and style.

But as days get shorter and trees become barer, this Fashionista was not willing to hang up her summer shorts for the next six months. Instead, she opted for a pair of deep red thigh-high socks and a heavy sweater in contrast with her navy shorts. The dark neutrals play in her favor with this fall outfit and the maroon Fred Perry Cartridge bag is the perfect accessory, pulling the whole outfit together. Whether it’s your favorite pair of jean shorts or that little floral sundress, throw on a heavy cardigan and a pair of long socks and you’re good to go. Try wearing dark thigh-high socks with heeled Mary Janes like this Fashionista. Or in lower temperatures, opt for these American Apparel Chain Linked Solid Thigh-High Socks with riding boots.

So bring those jean cut-offs back this season and try new ways to bring your two wardrobes together. Replace those memories of playing Frisbee in the park with carving pumpkins and drinking cider. You’ll have double the fun and double the clothes!

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