I’ve been known once or twice to take a stroll through my mother’s closet and find some goods from her past to reinvent my fashion present. Sure I can’t fit in to the majority of the pieces in there since anatomy has gotten the best of me but I do get my hands on some amazing scarves, accessories, and my favorite…handbags! Even if some don’t like to admit it our elders, whether it be a parent, crazy aunt, or even grandparent, definitely had style figured out way before we did. Their fashion icons were Cary Grant, Brigitte Bardot, The Rat Pack, and Audrey Hepburn. If you’re lucky keepsakes are well preserved and generosity will be bestowed to allow a style embracing generation to embrace the classics.

This Fashionista, on a gloomy day, enveloped herself in a chunky knit sweater that her grandpa had given to her. She styled it with her awesome doo, distressed shorts, black knit, and patent leather lace ups. A cardigan like this is an ultimate fall staple. It’s the perfect piece that can stand on its own or layer effortlessly. You can throw theme over a T-shirt dresses, prints, cozy up a pair of denim, and even add some gems. The oversize fit creates a comfortable form but with the right accessorizing can transition to be flashier and dressed up. Fortunately there is a variety to choose from the fit your style in case your grandparents don’t want to share. There are some that have great lurex detail to give it that extra shine, double breasted buttons to create structure, and light cable knits that can be thrown on in a synch! The best part about getting vintage pieces is the memories that are eternally seamed within. Who knows with these keepsakes a personal fashion tradition can begin allowing tomorrow to perpetuate eternal charm.

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