Boating, tanning and hanging out at the pool are all things you can enjoy all summer and it's my favorite past time to do with my friends. We all throw on dresses over our suits and grab our sunglasses before we head off to soak in some rays. This Fashionista definitely looks like she is ready for a full day outside; she doesn't have the hassle of hot jeans clinging to her legs but leggings that are comfortable and thin. The best part of the outfit though is the flowing t-shirt with ruffles that can easily be thrown over a swimsuit. I know this may not be the normal swim attire, but who says you can't go to the beach and look fashionable?

This Fashionista's shirt really catches my eye when I look at it because the color is so vibrant and the pattern and ruffles going on really makes the shirt stand out to me. With the silky material, the shirt would be extremely comfortable to wear. The ruffles add a finishing touch to the dress when it goes all over the shirt, without overwhelming it and really gives the shirt the unique style it needs. The shirt that this Fashionista is wearing was purchased at Forever 21 and also comes in black. This shirt would be perfect to just quickly slip on over a swim suit on your way to the beach for a more fashionable, cute summer look. The Fashionista also went an extra mile when she added a black belt to accentuate the shirt.

Leggings are my weakness when it comes to summer attire. I am always having to buy new pairs because I keep finding ones that I apparently think I cannot live without. This Fashionista is wearing black leggings that you can easily put with any outfit to give it that more fashionable look and not have to stress over jeans or shorts. One thing about leggings is that there are so many different styles, colors and lengths that you can get. There can be leggings that cover your whole leg, which this Fashionista is sporting in this photo, there can also be leggings that cover half your legs. A great place to find some leggings perfect for your sense of style would be Express.

So, with the vibrant shirt and leggings, this Fashionista can really pull off the best summer beach attire and will catch everyone's eye as she soaks up some rays.

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