STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Found in Translation

Galavanting around the city, you do not necessarily know where you will end up. You can enjoy a peaceful Sunday Brunch on the Upper East Side one moment and an hour later, be overwhelmed in the chaos that is crowded Canal Street, bartering with vendors and pushing through masses of people. It is essential that you are dressed appropriately for every occasion, and that your outfit is versatile with the ability to translate under any environment or condition (with maybe one quick change in Midtown). 

This Fashionista has found the perfect balance. She pairs a girly and dainty "uptown" dress (with a trendy pleated bodice) with a more "downtown" style, through a neutral leather jacket and glossy, studded black sandals.

This summer, splurge on a solid colored dress with intricate and unique stitching. It will gain attention through its diligent make,  rather than through default patterns on cotton. They are multi-functional and are perfect alone or with a jacket. Balancing girly and edgy will give any Fashionista the look she needs to enjoy every neighborhood of the city the right way, giving her a functional look that will have heads turning from Harlem to Brooklyn.  

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