STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Freezing in Florals

I rushed out this morning to try and beat the impending blizzard and it certainly paid off! I ran into this fabulous Fashionista at Starbucks while ordering my usual grande Soy Chai Latte. Where to begin! Do I write about my love for the brick red fingerless gloves that are the perfect little accent? Do I give some advice about how to rock the green khaki coloured coat look? Do I tell you all about the importance of keeping your florals alive and kicking in winter? What about her perfect layering too! Nothing pleases me more than a Fashionista who gives me so many options of what to write about! The upcoming Spring season features revivals of the Flower Child era, so let’s go with a little mix of the options.

Do you ever feel like some of your florals are just too bright and cheery to be worn in the winter? Or are they just not weather appropriate? Well then this week’s advice is for you! With the ‘60s and ‘70s making a comeback I’m sure all of your fashionable readers are wondering how to work those great prints back into your wardrobe when it’s still freezing out! Let alone there’s that issue with the bright colours maybe not complimenting the rest of your outfit in the best way. Your answer is in another one of the hot trends of right now: khaki and military colours. There is a lot to be said about the versatility of these neutrals and they’re a great friend for your warmer weather prints and patterns.

Navy and military green coats are a great way to accent any floral dress, skirt, or shirt while also making it appropriate for the chill of winter. If you’re still not sure about wearing floral during the colder seasons, another thing that might help you out is thinking about the colours in your florals! If your bright coral and yellow dress is standing out a bit too much against everything else in your wardrobe, try toning it down a little like this week’s Fashionista did. Stay away from patterns that are on a white or crème background and go for florals with a dark navy or black background.These darker backgrounds are great way to still work the crèmes, corals, and pinks trend of spring and summer into your wardrobe, while still being able to coordinate your cardigans and scarves nicely with your outfit.

For those of you in the less blizzard ridden climates you can apply this advice to your cardigans and lighter jackets as well! Instead of thinking about your peacoats and heavy layering, apply this to cropped denim outerwear and your favourite chunky button-up sweaters.

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