My last official spring break has commenced and I am across the coast in sunny temperate LA donning the sandals and shift dresses that I have been lusting over all winter. I feel like the saying “you can never be overdressed” is non-applicable, if not completely reversible, in this city. Instead, Californians have mastered being casual while still oozing with confidence and sophistication. While street style inspiration has met me at almost every corner (and store window), something about this Fashionista (pictured), on her way to Pilates class no less, particularly caught my eye. Proving that Kate Moss’ reign is not over, this Fashionista’s grunge influenced but fresh look embodies the Californian casual-cool that I have been admiring.

This Fashionista wears a band-T cut into a tank style. While she manages to still look feminine the wide cut across the shoulders can be a little overbearing for some body types. To avoid looking boxy or, well, manly, try a skinnier strap or lower cut like this Wildfox one from 80s Purple. The flannel shirt wrapped around her waist ads a bit of color and, for those who may feel a little less comfortable in spandex it covers up the bum. The shine in her spandex also adds a bit of a punky vibe. Finally, she tops it off with a pair of classic Chuck Taylors.

While I may not be daring enough to go completely grunge, I would mix some of the elements she chose to create a surprising hybrid look. For instance, pair the band-T with a bright petal skirt and her same converse sneakers. But hey if you can pull it off, go for it.

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