This has been the second week back at school and it has been fun looking at back-to-school outfits — I was excited to see what would be in store for this week. As I was heading into class, I couldn’t help but stop to admire this Fashionista’s unique ensemble. This cool, minty color always catches my eye; naturally, I spotted her sitting outside the school right away. At first I thought she was dressed from head to toe in this color, but then I took a closer look and noticed a hint of blue. I immediately fell in love with her trousers. They reminded me of a pair of dip-dyed jeans from Zara I have been eyeing. Try this pair of Rag & Bone leggings and pair it with a white blouse or, to save some money, find a pair of trousers at your local thrift store and experiment with it by doing a dip-dye DIY! 

This Fashionista’s outfit reminded me of matching print suits that were frequently seen for fall 2012’s ready-to-wear. Though a more toned down version, the dip-dyed effect is what makes it a visually intriguing outfit. Black is the only color I would ever dress head-to-toe in, but this Fashionista proves me wrong. Why not wear as much of your favorite color or pattern as possible? Her mint pastel chiffon top and bottom are easy on the eyes and not over-the-top. Chiffon button-downs are perfect pieces for transitioning into fall. They are lightweight but, when paired with a cardigan, you can combat your school’s blasting air conditioning as well as the hot weather outdoors. Perfect for school with the right amount of comfort and just enough flair, this Kansas City girl knows how to rock it. 

Guys and gals, no more flip-flops or sandals! It’s time to get your boots ready as fall quickly approaches; purchase a pair of neutral-colored booties to add into your wardrobe this season (black never fails). Keep them near the door so when you’re running late to class you can just grab them and go. So for this week's challenge, try incorporating your favorite color or pattern from head to toe with your own twist!

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