When those chilly and overcast days sneak up on you, it’s hard to resist the temptation to just throw on some sweats and head to campus. The majority of students make their way from class to class with their main focus being just trying to stay warm in the process. It was so refreshing to spot this trendy Fashionista and to be reminded that, despite the depressing weather, spring is right around the corner.

From head to toe, she evokes such a fun and fresh style that is accentuated by some cute accessories that completely tie together her look. The main focus of her outfit is a black, tiered dress underneath a gray peacoat. Cultivating a very prevalent trend for winter, she wears black leggings with boots, but throws some light pink knee-high socks in the mix that breathes some air into a darker color-schemed ensemble. To highlight the soft tone of her socks, she accessorizes with a pink heart-shaped necklace and a black bow barrette in her hair. She effortlessly pulls off the flirty feminine look so often seen in spring. When matched with the black apparel, she gives it an edge that is so perfect for this transition period between the seasons. When I asked this Fashionista where the inspiration for her style comes from, she coolly responded, “I just like to keep it funky.” Enough said.

Hint: If you’re looking to liven up your end-of-winter style, try wearing a floral-patterned dress like one of these two from, underneath your favorite jacket. Throw on a pair of patterned tights or leggings with boots and even if this weather might not be able to warm us up, maybe your outfit will.

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