Many people have their theories on what quick changes they can do to make their look slightly more refined and composed: put your hair up, apply more make-up, tuck in your shirt, the list goes on. These small tricks of the trade come in handy when you are on the go, from place to place, and you are not able to stop at home to change your clothes.

This week, try adding some funky sandals to your bag of tricks. Just looking at her clothes, this Fashionista seemed casual, but her fancy flip-flops tied the outfit together- making it appropriate for a wider variety of occasions. She is now ready not only to walk around the quad with a friend, but maybe to go out to dinner, or even to an outdoor summer party.

Nine West has several amazing flat sandals, so you can either go plain or flashy.

What's even better about this footwear is the comfort. Because they are versatile enough to wear with any outfit, you can still pair them with a dress for a fun night out. You will be happy you did not wear heels at the end of the night when you are not rubbing your feet and trying to relearn how to walk.

Have a very festive Fourth of July weekend, and take a tip from this Fashionista on how to look fashionable even just sitting on a blanket watching fireworks.

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