Snow is melting, sun is shining, above zero temps are starting to kick in again, and we are finally starting to see life pour back onto the streets of Chicago. Fortunately, we were graced with 50 degree weather over the weekend, so all the Columbia Fashionistas and Fashionistos were able to show me what they got. In this case, on a cool and sunny afternoon, we have Hailey, who brought out her neutral tones. Although this spring is all about '70s and bright colors, this Fashionista is finishing up winter with all the great looks that were on the runway for this past fall and winter.

As we all know, we saw quite a bit of fur this winter: on coats, vests, boots, hats, scarves, and much more. Here, this student is wearing a fur vest, which is the perfect size and length for the outfit she has put together. Her sweater and collared shirt are the perfect length to wear with leggings. We have seen quite a bit of bad fashion choices lately with people thinking they can wear leggings as pants, with cropped tees and such. We have to keep in mind, even though it's gotten warmer, that doesn't mean it's spring just yet. With this ensemble, it is dress length, so we can definitely call this an appropriate wardrobe choice. Then if you look at her boots, you can see that some of the lining includes fur also, giving the shoes an ultra-chic look!

Are you the type of person who loves to wear leggings all the time? Well, if so, here are some tips that could help you appropriately wear them in place of pants. Leggings and tights are fine with dresses, shorts and skirts. If you want to wear a shirt or something similar to a dress, just shorter, you should check and see if the top goes over your lower body parts. Another thing that helps would be to wear boots with your outfit. It creates somewhat of an illusion. So, even if your top is short, the long boots cover up most of your leg or thigh, making only part of your legs visible, and making your top look longer. Also adding jackets and vests, much like hers, creates more layers so you don't look so bare. In the end, you will be able to pull off a stylish outfit, like this Fashionista here on the streets.

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