STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fur the Love of Fashion

I have to say that one of the reasons I was drawn to GWU when looking at colleges was because I knew that it was a campus that generally understood me; Heels should be no less than six inches, and fur and leather are second skins. A recent trip to Colgate University brought me to a painful realization that GWU is an entity onto itself; it remains to be this fashionable bubble separate from the rest of the world. I see fellow students wearing wedges to 8 am classes and make-up to the gym, and it is socially acceptable.

Before making my pilgrimage to upstate New York, I was carefully instructed by my friend who existed in this fashion alternative universe that I was to wear jeans with a sweater and a fleece. A what? A fleece? I haven’t owned a fleece since the 8th grade. Where would I acquire a fleece? I would have to borrow one. 

In no way am I discrediting fleeces. They serve to be warm, trusty little jackets that did me well once upon a time when I played lacrosse, or when my summer camp made me go camping, but then again, everything is a choice.

So yeah, I like fur. It’s warm and the golden-brown hues always make my hair look good. Most importantly, there is something very tribal and barbaric about fur that always makes whomever wearing it look incredibly fierce.

I found this Fashionista on her way to dinner at Ping-Pong in Dupont Circle when she happened to be wearing two of my all –time favorite looks: all black, and fur. “All Black Everything” looks good on everyone at all times, as long as the pieces you choose to wear are seasonal. This Fashionista was taking her new lace-up leather boots by Joie for their maiden voyage. Tucked into those beautiful shoes were black stirrup leggings by Plan B, matched by a tank top from H&M, underneath a Splendid cardigan. As for her fur vest, it’s a vintage hand-me down from this Fashionista’s mother. In my opinion, it pulls together the entire outfit. Also, it’s practical (hear me out) for the autumn weather in DC. The air is still warm, with a bite of crisp wind once the sun goes down. The best thing to do in order to dress comfortably is to wear thin items with one bulky statement piece such as a fur vest.

Fur does not have to be limited to vests. Fur happens to go with everything: boots, scarves, coat linings, and hats. The options are endless, “fur” real.

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