STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fur Your Information

If someone told me a week ago that I would be writing about fur on my next STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK post for CollegeFashionista, I would roll my eyes and say how silly the idea would be. With Manila's hot and humid weather, wearing fur, whether how luxurious it looks or feels, is close to suicide. Hot and sticky are just some words that used to pop into my head when thinking about fur in Manila. Fortunately, this CollegeFashionista proved me dead wrong. Watching Lissa Kahayon wear this long sleeve top with fur details made me feel light and breezy, which are not the feelings I used to associate fur with. Maybe it was because the top was of a light material or maybe it was because she paired it with shorts of the same shade. Whatever it was, she made fur look comfortable and easy to wear. With aquamarine earrings, a black belt and metallic shoes and accessories, her look had a balance of edgy and tough and sweet and cuddly.

This CollegeFashionista has either been studying the 2011 fall/winter runway trends from Paris very well or just has an innate fashion ability and sense of style. But, maybe even both because being able to make fur look this effortless is a pretty difficult challenge. Fur definitely exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication with a punch of fantasy. Case in point, these fur looks from Gucci, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano's 2011 fall and winter collection. Luckily, this CollegeFashionista has taught us that the weather nor the avant-garde feel of fur should not scare us away from owning and trying out the fur trend.

Hint: To be able to pull off the fur trend like this CollegeFashionista, first, pick a top with fur details like this one from Topshop. Second, pair it with a lightweight and high-waisted cotton shorts like this one from Forever 21. Third, accessorize with metallic pieces to add a bit of an edge to it or add some simple gold jewelry to keep it clean and simple. Last, wear a smile (like how this CollegeFashionista's flashes her pearly whites) to complete your look for the day!

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