It’s that time of the year again. This past weekend we were hit with the first signs of a bitter winter. The temperatures are starting to drop and it seems like it might start snowing any day now. Learn a thing or two about keeping your head warm from this Fashionista with her Russian-inspired fur hat.

Just because it’s freezing out doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable. Even if your great outfit is buried beneath a parka, you can still make a statement while staying warm by adding interesting headwear. What I like about this Fashionista’s hat is that you can wear it different ways. One can either leave the flaps hanging long and loose for a more casual look or opt for the more classic look and tie them up, like this Fashionista does. In any event, a great fur hat offers the air of functional fashion that is sure to help you stand out this winter.

If a big fur hat is too much for your taste, you can still incorporate fur into other parts of your wardrobe. Scarvesearmuffs and vests are all ways you can add a little warmth and texture to your ensemble. Until the snow hits, take a tip from this Fashionista. Pair a Russian-inspired trapper hat with a cozy sweater, a chunky knit scarf and a great pair of boots. You’ll keep warm on the way to class and still be sporting a major trend.

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