Before the fresh new start of spring forces you to unload your spring/summer wardrobe, get some last minute use out of your winter fur. Whether your interest lies in faux or real fur, don’t be shy to flaunt fur on campus. There is a very fine line between fur for a night or day look. Depending on how it is worn, fur can be a flashy accessory for night or part of a daytime chic look. I found this Fashionista running errands in a clean-cut faux fur jacket with black leggings and UGG boots. Instead of wearing a sporty jacket to complete this look, this Fashionista replaced the ordinary for an extraordinary, furry look. This simple replacement makes her everyday school outfit look fashionable. Imitate this Fashionista’s look by adding fur to your simple everyday look. While this Fashionista chose an ebony fur, don’t be afraid to rock various colors. Check out this cream-colored faux fur jacket by Motel or this goat hair jacket by Elise Overland for a retro look. Statement fur jackets like these can transform an everyday look into high-end street fashion. If you are a fan of the UGGs and legging look, add a fur jacket to make this overrated look instantly fashionable. Besides fur’s amazing ability to warm our bodies, it also has the innate ability to turn the dullest outfits into fashion noteworthy ensembles. Right now is a great time to pick up any type of fur while the winter sales continue, because fur will never go out of fashion. 

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